The story behind this blog.

My name is Adam Albrecht.

I always wanted to start my own business. But like most human beings, I had no idea how to make it happen. So I spent 20 years working as a creative for advertising agencies owned by someone else. Then, in the summer of 2015, I found the path to entrepreneurship. Actually, the path found me.

One of my former clients called me at work on an August afternoon in Atlanta, and he told me about his exciting new job in California. He said he would love to work with me again, but he did not want to work with my current agency. Then he asked me a question that would ultimately change my life. He said,

‘Would you consider starting your own agency?’

It sounds to good to be true right? Then things got even more interesting. An hour later I received another phone call from another former client, who was also in an exciting new role. During the conversation he told me he would love to work with me again, but that he wasn’t sure if my current agency was the right fit for his needs. To which I replied, ‘Well, I’m actually planning to start my own agency.’

I started this blog to share my entrepreneurial journey. Here you will learn what I have learned about starting and running my own business. Which naturally touches on topics including self-improvement, motivation, networking, sales and business development. But I also cover topics specific to the fields of advertising and marketing, including creativity and strategic thinking.

Please consider following along to learn what I learn. And to share your own insights and opinions. I’m eager to learn what you know too.

3 thoughts on “The story behind this blog.”

  1. I always wanted to be self employed but got too comfortable in a job. A few months ago, my company’s local office closed and then my company rehired me as a consultant. And just like that, my dream of a finance consulting business came true.
    Definitely not too good to be true: you worked hard and it made an impact on these people and this is a well-earned reward for you.
    As a fairly new entrepreneur myself, I look forward to reading more on your blog.

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