I can’t believe everything you read!

Do you have any idea how many books there are in the world? I do. Because I got curious and looked it up. According to The Google, there are 130,000,000 published books. There are also 7300 magazines, and another 1300 daily newspapers in the United States alone. Which means there is no shortage of material for even the world’s hungriest bookworm to digest.

Thank You!

That’s why I am so thankful for everyone who takes a moment of their valuable time to read my blog posts. This includes you. Because it would be impossible for you to read this blog post without reading this blog post. But more importantly, I know there are a lot of other interesting things you could be reading right now.

Why This Matters Today.

Today is my birthday. I have several birthday traditions. One is eating a full can of black olives in one sitting. Seriously. Another is taking time to reflect on my life. Or as the kids would say, ‘Evaluating my current sitch.’ As I reflect on all that I am thankful for today, beyond surviving another year, I am extremely grateful that you have taken the time to read my silly little blog.


I started The Perfect Agency Project in 2015, as I began planning to launch my own advertising agency. I began sharing my ideas, experiences, and random thoughts on advertising, entrepreneurship and self-improvement. And people around the world keep reading up what I am writing down.

So thank you. The time you take out of your own schedule to read my writings is a tremendous gift to me. Not only because you have so many other reading options. But because, whether or not you realize it, your time is your most valuable commodity.


Thank you to everyone who reads, shares, likes and comments on my posts. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the Perfect Agency Project. Thank you for investing your time and attention. It is a wonderful gift to me. And I get to enjoy it year round here at The Perfect Agency Project.

My Birthday Request

If you have read this far, please consider leaving a mark (like/hate/thumb-any-direction/comment) in the comment section, so I know who to thank today. I hope you all have a very happy My Birthday, and a fun Memorial Day weekend.

*Looking for more thoughts on birthdays? (Of course you weren’t. That was a random, self-centered question.) Check out these posts about the Freakishly Unique Story of The Birthdays In My Family, and The 12 Most Popular Birthday Wishes on Facebook.



Published by

Adam Albrecht

Adam Albrecht is the Founder and CEO of the advertising and idea agency, The Weaponry. He believes the most powerful weapon on Earth is the human mind. He is the author of the book, What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say? He also authors two blogs: the Adam Albrecht Blog and Dad Says. Daughter Says., a Daddy-Daughter blog he co-writes with his 16-year old daughter Ava. Adam can be reached at adam@theweaponry.com.

26 thoughts on “I can’t believe everything you read!”

  1. Happy birthday Adam! I am a fan of the so called silly little blog! Hope you have the best day 🙂

    PS. I didn’t realize eating a can of black olives in one sitting required a special occasion. 😳

    PSS. Try them with cream cheese. 🤤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I will definitely have a happy Your Birthday and I dig the olive tradition (though I’m more of the green type). As always, love to read your entertaining and uplifting blog, the of the best adjectives.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Black olives? What about jalapeños? I’ve heard that can be a birthday thing…and ice cream sundaes with a flaming torch. Nevertheless, celebrate boldly.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happiest of birthdays Adam! Thanks for writing and keeping us on our toes with your intellectual musings! I love how you challenge conventional thinking in such a fun and captivating way! You are a gem!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a nice think to say Stacy! Thank you! I think you are a gem. But now I sound totally un-original because you said it first. So, umm, you are, like, a very important, but rare element on the periodic table that is not a gem, but, you know, really valuable!


  5. Happy Birthday, Adam. It was great to finally meet you last week and tour the PAP (Perfect Agency Premises.) And I don’t think the August joke is TMI. But I’ll admit I’m having trouble getting past the black olive thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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