The most underrated risk takers in entrepreneurship.

Americans have great reverence for entrepreneurs. I certainly do. Ever since I was a kid I was awed by men and women who were brave enough to start their own business. I looked up to them. I wanted to be like them. I still do.

Start Me Up

In 2016 I joined the ranks of those who dared to create their own living. I started an advertising and idea agency called The Weaponry. Soon I developed an even deeper understanding of why we are so impressed by entrepreneurs. Not just because entrepreneurship is hard to spell. But because they really do risk a lot to play this thrilling game of business.

Me and my original wingman, my cousin Brooks Albrecht.

You’ve Got Me Running Hot.

But there is another group that doesn’t get nearly enough credit for their bravery, risk taking and contribution to the success of startups: the early employees. Without the early employees, a startup never moves beyond starting. Without the early employees entrepreneurs can’t scale. We can never develop real businesses that create significant jobs and help grow the economy. Which means that company picnics could take place on a single pogo stick.

My first hire at The Weaponry, K-Lil, and one of our billboards for the UW Credit Union, or no?

Let’s Do This Thang

It is the early employees who enable the ultimate success of the organization. I am extremely grateful to The Weaponry employees who have taken a chance on me, my business idea, my vision and my ambition. Without you I would be a 1-man band, limited to playing a pretty lame tune. Like Hot Cross Buns.

Some of our Weapons at a recent team brewery tour including, Adam ‘Henry’ Emery, Kevin ‘Lower’ Kayse, Sarah ‘Ice’ Disanza, Calla ‘Superfragelistic’ Stanford, Sally ‘Money’ Bretsch,Jeanne ‘Meyer’ Mayer, Shirley Feeney and Laverne DeFazio.

Key Takeaway

Entrepreneurs can not create great organizations alone. It takes a strong team to make a strong business. I would also like to say thank you to all of those employees who have, or are taking a flyer on a startup. Especially my Weapons. Your bravery, commitment and confidence don’t go unnoticed. We couldn’t do this without you. Literally.



Published by

Adam Albrecht

Adam Albrecht is the Founder and CEO of the advertising and idea agency, The Weaponry. He believes the most powerful weapon on Earth is the human mind. He is the author of the book, What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say? He also authors two blogs: the Adam Albrecht Blog and Dad Says. Daughter Says., a Daddy-Daughter blog he co-writes with his 16-year old daughter Ava. Adam can be reached at

6 thoughts on “The most underrated risk takers in entrepreneurship.”

  1. As much as you all look super awesome, I’m most excited about Laverne and Shirley. I’m just hoping Carmine Ragusa (The Big Ragoo) makes an appearance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s unbelievable how many owners and managers forget your message, thanks for reiterating Adam!!
    And also thanks to Laverne & Shirley.
    Frankly my favorite part of your organization.

    Liked by 1 person

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