For once, I’m not the one writing about me.

I have fun news to share! The latest edition of The Milwaukee Business Journal features a fun executive profile of me! (I’ve now learned that means they write a story about you, not that they run a picture of the side of your face.)

The great article, written by Rich Kirchen, covers a lot of ground, from The Weaponry to my writing and speaking, to track and football coaching, to my energy level and positivity. Rich actually asked me during the interview, ‘Where does your energy come from?’

Thank you to clients Chris Dawson and Anne Norman for saying such great things about me in the article. You made me feel like Sally Field winning an OSCAR. #YouLikeMeYouReallyReallyLikeMe

Here’s the article to see what Rich, Chris and Anne had to say.

A couple of notes on the article:

  1. The original version had The Weaponry’s solar energy client Sunrun listed as Sunburn. (That was a hilarious autocorrect issue. Sunburn is not a good name for a solar company)
  2. The article says that I disliked working for a company owned by a private equity firm in the past. That is not true. I thought Halyard Capital was great. I just said that is not what I want right now.

Have a great day!