The greatest adapter in the world is already in your home.

Humans continuously innovate. We are always looking for better, faster smarter ways to do everything. And we keep finding it. (Which makes it odd that Bono still hasn’t found what he’s looking for.)

As a result of progress and innovation, our technology and infrastructure systems keep evolving. And to make our old stuff work with the new stuff we need adapters. In fact, there is a huge market for adapters.

But humans are the ultimate adapters. We are equipped with both hardware and software that enables us to adapt to our constantly changing environment. Darwin, Jesus, and David Bowie all knew it.

As your conditions change, always remember that you were built to adapt. You can handle whatever comes next. It is true at work, at school, at home and everywhere else you plug in. Just look at what happened as a result of the pandemic. We didn’t fall apart. We simply adapted to the new set of rules. It’s what we do.

Key Takeaway

Change is constant. Progress is inevitable. With each new wave of change there will be a new you, ready for whatever comes your way. You are not just built to survive, but to thrive. As a human, you are the greatest adapter the planet has ever known. So no matter what tomorrow brings, you will be ready to buh-ring it too.

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Published by

Adam Albrecht

Adam Albrecht is the Founder and CEO of the advertising and idea agency, The Weaponry. He believes the most powerful weapon on Earth is the human mind. He is the author of the book, What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say? He also authors two blogs: the Adam Albrecht Blog and Dad Says. Daughter Says., a Daddy-Daughter blog he co-writes with his 16-year old daughter Ava. Adam can be reached at

3 thoughts on “The greatest adapter in the world is already in your home.”

  1. Adam these words couldn’t have hit me on a better day. We pack up our east side home today and move tomorrow. It’s been an emotional process for me and navigating this big change has been hard on me (to put it lightly). Thank you for your words and reminder that I can do it! Thankful for you and the moments we cross paths. Have a sunny day!

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  2. Adam,

    I came across your blog while doing a Google search on Neil Casey. Paul and Neil called on me when I was the advertising manager for the Speed Queen Company in Ripon. A few years later, Paul hired me as an Account Executive at CK. I had the pleasure of working with both of them on the Yamaha account. I’m also a copywriter and got my Journalism degree from UW-Madision in 1976. I went on to start my agency in Appleton, which I managed for 14 years. Obviously we have a lot in common. Would love to have a beer with you and share war stories sometime. Love your blog.

    Greg Madson


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