Never forget that you are the star of your own show.

Imagine that your life is a TV show.

It could be a comedy, drama or reality show. (I encourage you not to make it a murder mystery. Or Cops. Or My 600-pound life.)

Each episode of your show would tell the latest stories of your life. There would be a storyline about your personal life, your career, your family, and the progress you are making on that big ambition of yours.

This is very much how life works. That’s why Jerry Seinfeld was always dating women way out of his league on his show. Because he got to choose the details of his life. And so do you.

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The Credits

When the credits roll at the end of your show it will say that:

You are the writer of the story.

You are the director.

You are the editor.

You chose the cast. Which means that you also get to decide who gets killed off, who makes guest appearances, and who plays your love interest. #WWJSD?

You produce the whole thing. The greatest job you will ever have is producing all the great things that happen in your life. Because they won’t happen without you.

Starring You!

But most importantly, you are the star of the show. Never forget that. It is your storyline, your growth, and the challenges that you take on that people tune in to see. Yes, you will make appearances on other people’s shows. But in your show, you are the star. You are Lucy, Seinfeld or Matlock. You are not a supporting actor.

Remember this quote.

If you don’t star in your own life, who is going to?

-Dr. Phil McGraw
Remember that Dr. Phil went from guest starring on Oprah to creating his own hit show, where his mustache was his guest star.

Key Takeaway

You get one life. You have to star in it. Make your story more interesting every day. Take on bigger and better challenges. Create exciting plot twists. Let your setbacks set you up for even greater success. And make us all tune in to see what happens next.

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Do you binge your favorite things or make them last?

What are your favorite shows of all time? Think about your favorite series from different eras of your life. The ones you enjoyed the most. The best stories. The most engaging characters. The funniest situation and language. The greatest plot twists and cliffhangers. It’s okay to claim The Dukes of Hazard or Saved By The Bell. #LoveIsLove.

A few classics come to mind:

  • Seinfeld
  • Friends
  • Mad Men
  • 30 Rock
  • The Simpsons
  • Breaking Bad
  • Game of Thrones
  • Yellowstone
  • Presidential Debates

When you reflect on your favorites don’t you wish you could watch them all again for the first time?

Today we can binge watch almost anything. And it is tempting. Because streaming services and on-demand programming make entertainment an all-you-can binge buffet. Or what my college teammate Jason ‘Hoss’ Casiano called a scarf-n-barf.

But don’t binge all you can. Take your time. Enjoy the best programs slowly. Not five in a sitting. Watch one episode per night, or a couple each week and make it last longer.

The same is true for food and beverages. Unless you are Joey Chestnut or Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas, binge eating and drinking rarely leaves you feeling like you are making good choices. Slow down. Take your time. Enjoy the best stuff slowly.

Key Takeaway

Things that are enjoyable should last. And while your curiosity wants to rush, remember, you will enjoy it all longer if you spread it out. Conserve your enjoyment. Anticipation is half the fun.

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Are you waiting to watch someone else’s story or writing your own?

Yellowstone is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It is in an elite category with Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, Da Ali G Show, and The Golden Girls. (Come on, you know those ladies were a hoot.)

Yellowstone fans have been looking forward to June because historically, that is when the new season debuts.

But June has come and practically gone, and yet still no Yellowstone Season 4. With Covid messing up nearly everything this past year it is not surprising that the debut would be delayed.

During the delay, I have contemplated why we look forward to the new season of our favorite shows.

The answer is simple.

  1. The stories are great.
  2. The stories are unfinished.
  3. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

However, while we are anxiously awaiting the next Bridgerton, The Crown or The Real Housewives of Philindablank, remember that your own story is great. It is unfinished. And you get to determine what happens next.

You get to write the script, create the plot twist, and make the montage happen where all the progress is made. You get to determine the fun, interesting, and surprising new things that happen next. You get to introduce the new characters. You get to change the location. You even get to star in the naughty scenes. (How great is that?)

Key Takeaway

Don’t wait to watch someone else’s story. Make your own story the most interesting, fun, and binge-worthy story of all. You get one life to write, direct, edit, and star in. Make it amazing. And don’t be surprised if Hollywood comes calling on you.

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