My exciting new opportunity with one of the country’s hottest new brands.

A few weeks ago I was watching an interesting video reel on Instagram. It was a clip from the Pat McAfee Show, featuring a conversation between host Pat McAfee and former NFL linebacker and Green Bay Packer great, A.J. Hawk. The former NFL stars were not discussing football. They were talking about a bar. And not one made of chocolate. Or soap.

The bar in question is called PINS. And to call it a bar is an understatement. It’s really a massive entertainment space. Yes, it features large and well-stocked bars. But it’s also loaded with fun activities, including duckpin bowling, and high-end pinball games. Hence the name PINS. (I don’t get to drop the word hence nearly enough.)

Pretty cool, huh?

Pins also offers bocce ball, ping pong, giant Jenga, life-sized beer pong, foosball, arcade games a slide, ring toss thingies, and fire pits. In other words, it’s more like a party than a bar. Or maybe it’s half bar, half party. Like a Barty.

McAfee was not just discussing the bar, he was raving about it. He described the atmosphere at the PINS in Indianapolis as electrifying! He said it was amazing! And he said it was huuuu. (I assume he was saying it was huge, but someone cut him off. But maybe he was saying it was Hugh. As in Hefner. Which would be an innovative new-school /old-school complement in one.)

A lot of ball action here. But check out that ceiling art!

Hawk replied that indeed, he knew all about PINS. In fact, his son had his birthday party at PINS in Dublin, Ohio. (Because PINS is entertainment for all ages until little kids’ bedtime.) Hawk also shared that the guy who created PINS was from Columbus Ohio, where Hawk lives.

The rest of the crew on the show chimed in with more praise and accolades for PINS, and McAfee concluded the segment by saying, ‘Thank you Columbus. And thank you to That Guy!’

I was excited to see the segment and hear these great testimonials about such a popular new brand. Not just because I love great new brands. And not just because I love Columbus, Ohio where I lived for 7 years. But because of my exciting new opportunity.

PINS has 9 locations across the Midwest and South, with 6 more locations planned. Including locations in Atlanta and Austin, slated to open this year.

Let’s Talk!

PINS CEO and Founder Troy ‘That Guy’ Allen and Director of Engagement Erin Frum, contacted me to ask if I would speak at their annual meeting. Well, more accurately, Erin invited me to speak. Troy just told me I was going to be speaking as if I had no decision in the matter. Which was just as well, because being involved with a hot company like Rise Brands is a no-brainer. (Or what I call a scarecrow decision)

Pins, whose full name is Pins Mechanical Co., is owned by a great brand creation company called Rise Brands. Their claim is ‘We create kick-ass brands.’ Indeed they do. To date, Rise Brands has created 4 great brands including Pins Mechanical Co., 16-Bit Arcade (an old-school arcade game bar), Weenie Wonder (think Chipotle for hot dogs, not Magic Mike), and No Soliciting, a members-only club. (Which is another good reason not to be dismembered.)

Me and That Guy, Troy Allen and some serious blinds.

The meeting and my keynote are next Monday in Columbus. I am thrilled to share some learnings and lessons from my book What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say? to help the team become even greater. Thanks for the invite Troy and Erin. And thanks to Pat and AJ for making this opportunity feel even cooler than it already did.

I’m ready for you Rise Brands! See you Monday!

Key Takeaway

Keep adding value. People love great people, places, and things that enhance and enrich their lives.

+If you are looking for a speaker for your next event you can reach me at adam@theweaponry. Although I probably don’t have any more speaking availability until July.

Why you should think like a rockstar every time you enter a room.

The Summer of 2022 marked a strong return to live concerts for me. I saw 10 significant acts perform this past summer and they all rocked. One of my favorite things about seeing a live show is that it forces you to be present. It is hard to not be in the moment when you have something loud and attention-grabbing in your face. Especially when there is a chance that you will see naked body parts at any moment. #MotleyCrue

But concerts aren’t just about listening to music. They present an excellent opportunity to learn. Because concerts offer a masterclass on performance, entertainment, and creativity. Concerts also remind you that people lose their minds when you mention the name of their city or state. #NobodyRocksLike…

Motley Crue at Fenway

The Concert Reminder

When I go to concerts I’m always reminded to be a rockstar. The world loves people who go big and different. We love people who inspire and energize. We love people who break outsides the standard guardrails of normality. While the majority of humans spend their time and effort trying to fit in, we celebrate those who bust out.

To make a rockstar impression on others ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How can I be a rockstar in my world?
  2. How can I light up a room?
  3. How can I go bigger?
  4. How can I put more into my performance?
  5. How can I offer more energy?
  6. How can I deliver more wow?
  7. How can I serve up more surprises?
  8. How can I be more entertaining?
  9. How can I inspire others?
  10. How can I move people?
  11. How can I trash hotel rooms without it negatively affecting my loyalty program status? (Asking for a friend.)

Key Takeaway

Find your rockstar style. Make minds sparkle. Make people light up from your bright energy, skills, and abilities. Rock their world with your ideas. Your passion. Your daring. Inspire others. And continue to define and refine your style every day.

*If you know someone who could benefit from this message, please share it with them.

+For more of the best life lessons I have learned check out my new book, What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say? from Ripples Media.

I guest-hosted a TV show!

An interesting life is simply a collection of interesting experiences. This week I added to my collection by guest-hosting The Morning Blend on TMJ4 in Milwaukee.

It all started during the Covid Lockdown of 2020 when I decided to fill my newfound free time by writing a book. That book, What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say? was published by Ripples Media in December of 2021. A funny thing happens after you write a book. Not only are people interested in what you wrote, but suddenly people are interested in what have to say too.

My friend Mike ‘Borto’ Bortolotti (I have no idea where Borto’s nickname came from) introduced me to his friend Molly Fay, host of The Morning Blend on NBC in Milwaukee. Borto shared that I had recently written a book and that he thought I would be a great guest on the show.

Soon after that introduction, Molly’s co-host, Tiffany Ogle, posted a question on Instagram asking what new book she should read next. Over 20 people insisted that she read What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say? So she reached out to me too. That afternoon I delivered copies of my book to both Tiffany and Molly, and within a week I was a guest on the show via Zoom. You can watch the segment here.

The first time I was on The Morning Blend. I was the meat in a Lady in Red sandwich.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Molly called me to say that Tiffany was going to be on vacation at the end of April and that they had guest hosts lined up for all but one of the days she was going to be out. Then she popped the question. (When I typed the last sentence I initially typed a double O instead of a double P in popped...)

Molly asked if I was available and interested in guest hosting on April 27. I quickly checked my calendar to see if the current date was April 1. It was not. Which was crazy. So I checked April 27, and thankfully I was available. So I quickly agreed.

Then on Friday, April 15th I received another call from Molly, saying they just had a cancellation for the Tuesday, April 19th show. She wondered if I could pull together a segment in time. I said I would. And like a certified letter, 2 business days later I arrived on set, and talked to Molly and Tiffany about how to create Power Habits. You can see that segment here.

My second appearance on the show, talking about Power Habits and demonstrating the 2-handed hand gesture.

Guest Hosting

This Wednesday was my guest-hosting experience. I received a list of questions that Molly planned to ask me ahead of time. I received a rundown of the show segments that I would be involved in. This included the opening chitty chat, an interview with Tyler Mader, whom I was super impressed with, and the Sound Off Question of The Day responses.

I began Wednesday morning by putting on clothes because they have a dress code that requires it. I showed up at the studio 30 minutes before the show went live. I met with Molly and the producer, Katie Pinkowski. They gave me a few pointers and reminders. Like don’t chew tobacco on-set. Don’t say Let’s Go Brandon, even if Brandon calls in and asks for some encouragement. And resist the temptation to say Scotch, Scotch, Scotch, I love Scotch, or Stay Classy San Diego on air.

I skipped the makeup chair as part of my Men, You Are Beautiful without Blush campaign to empower guys to not feel pressured to wear makeup on camera, on stage or in the bedroom.

I got mic’d up by Dorraine. And I told her the next time I would wear a spandex shirt so she would really have to work to fish the wire up my shirt. Then, about 3 minutes before 9am CT Molly and I made our way to our chairs. Ben gave us our countdown, our camera cues, and pointed at us to get the party started. You can see the opening segment here.

Can you tell I was excited about the opportunity?

At 9am sharp cheddar (Wisconsin Time) we were off to the races. It was fun and fast. I never had time to get nervous. Mostly because Molly is a pro.

You can see my opening to a segment on farming and Culvers here.

You can see my interview with Tyler Mader here.

This was my favorite part of the show. It is the last few minutes of the show when Molly and I talked about fruit...

Tyler ‘The Smiler’ Mader, Molly ‘The Magic Maker’ Fay, and me.

Thanks for the opportunity Molly, Tiffany, Katie and Kim. Thanks for the on-air chat Tyler. Thanks to Ben for keeping things rolling. Thanks for the mickity-mic check Dorraine. And thank you to all of my friends and family for encouraging and supporting me before and after the show aired.

Key Takeaway

Write a book. It opens the door to amazing new opportunities. Then make sure you take advantage of your opportunities. Because as JFK said, ‘Things do not happen. They are made to happen.’ So make sure to make things happen for you.

*If you know someone who could benefit from this message, please share it with them.

+For more of the best life lessons I have learned check out my new book What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say?